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Georgia business makes smocked dresses for adults as a joke, ends up selling out!

If you've ever seen a kiddo scampering around in a precious smocked dress and thought "aw, I wish they made those in my size," 2020 just got a whole lot better because a Georgia clothing business is doing just that, and they're in high demand.

Anna Shuford and Parmelee Miller started Smockingbird Children's Clothing eight years ago as an online business based in Cartersville, Ga., selling sweet little childrens' smocks to the Southerners (and everyone else) who love 'em.

"People need laughter in their life now more than ever!" Shuford said.

View the full article here: https://www.southernthing.com/georgia-business-makes-smocked-dresses-for-women-as-a-joke-ends-up-selling-out-2646820319.html

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