We should note that we are not paid to endorse ANY of these products or companies. These are true reviews about our experiences with these incredible women-owned businesses! We try to spotlight products that we LOVE and focus on the story behind them. There are so many women creating amazing items and each of them deserves a shout out!

xoxo ~Kelly & Jamie 



Car Seat Ponchos are everything! This unique fleece poncho was designed and created with one thing in mind: SAFETY. AAP agrees, bulky coats under belts are not safe, that's why car seat ponchos go on your child over the buckles and seatbelts, leaving no room for belt slack and no interfering with a car seat harness. This woman-owned business has amazing customer service, a great range of products and we could not love these designs more! Plus, the fleece is super soft and adjusts with the temperature. WOWZA!

Use coupon code: ponchoswig for 10% off!



Craft Kits from Pikasso Swig are our jam! You can customize your crafts any way you want, even order craft gifts for nationwide shipping. There are tons of crafts to choose from and they offer virtual classes, parties & more. They also have a full menu and an awesome wine list! We highly reccomend getting your craft on at PS! Crafts for both kids and adults alike.   



We love Branch Basics and their chemical free cleaning products! One container of concentrate can make Hand Soap, Laundry Detergent, Dishwashing Soap, All Purpose Cleaner, Window Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner! Yes its true! This all in one product is amazing and free of nasty chemicals! 

Use promo code: WOMEN for 10% off starter kits!  



This handmade children's clothing shop blew our minds! Not only are there are tons of fun patterns to choose from, but every item is made with amazing quality and the pricing is super affordable. A huge plus for us was the amazingly soft fabric Juliana uses! 



Started by a High School Math teacher, this company specializes in cheese balls! YES! A whole company of cheese! This cheese was creamy, had great flavor, and even a little bit of spice. This is a must for any party and would make a great hostess gift. We tried it on top of Feast’s homemade crostini and it paired so well! We wanted to build a cheese ball castle with this product and would highly recommend adding this to your shopping cart! Available at FEAST! Gourmet Grocery.



First sold at the Charlottesville City Market, this granola is first class! Super tasty and made with high-quality ingredients, our favorite was the Maple, Pecan, Coconut! It would be great in yogurt or even by the handful. HH is small-batch made and you can absolutely taste it. It’s also made by a family right here in Virginia. Total swoon! We loved that it was made with Olive Oil, rather than some other icky ingredients that we can't pronounce. We highly suggest you scoop some up.. with both hands maybe? Available at FEAST! Gourmet Grocery.

100% PURE


Totally loving this brand! Their shampoos and conditioners are sulfate free, and smell SO delicious. Designed to detangle and nourish with pro-vitamin B5, while strengthening roots and strands with coconut oil, flax seed, and sea kelp. Leave the conditioner in for a couple of minutes for the best results. Also, they have a huge sale going on now, so stock up!



This famous New York City scoop shop has cornered the market on boozy ice cream! Frose All Day Sorbet? How could anyone say no? We found this sorbet to be very creamy and full of flavor, unlike many frozen sorbets out there. Frose All Day would be great in cocktails, or to enjoy with your girlfriends. (if you want to share) Feast! has three flavors in stock which include, Dark Chocolate Whisky Caramel and Spiked Mint Chocolate Chip. This product contains alcohol and we are not complaining!



NOD Products has an amazing store filled with unique items and gifts. Dont let your gift giving be boring! Check out this wine bag that comes with six wine charms included! How clever is this? Plus, they have dozens of great deisgns to choose from. Shop their complete online store for bar accessories, tech gadgets, gift bundles and more. We are totally crushing on this woman owned business! 



Great tasting cake, and even better presentation! Our "cake flights" were stunning and we loved the idea of sampling so many different kinds of cake, without the guilt ;) PLUS, they have a mobile cake bar? Wait, what? Ummm.. when can you get here? Not only is their customer service amazing, but their product is also first class! Visit their website for custom cakes, cake slices, cake pops and more! Or find them out and about in their delicious truck!



We think that this should be called "Barbie's Bestest Big A*! Burrito Bonanza!." WHOA! These burritos are delicious, on a huge scale! We sampled the pulled pork and the veggie burrito and holy guacamole! Delish! Super affordable, handmade, CaliMex goodness! She's located in Belmont near the downtown mall, so hop on over and chow down!



This duffle at first look is maybe just a duffle. But WAIT! It has a cool water repellent coating developed by harvesting windshield plastics from landfills! WHOA! It can fold flat for awesome storage and the straps can be tucked away so that it doesnt get damaged when checked at the airport. Also, we loved that it comes in so many awesome colors and the straps are made for carrying this duffle on your BACK! This size is perfect for a week away, or longer if you're a good packer ;) Sold at Peace Frogs Travel Outfitters right here in Charlottesville, VA. 



Love love love! This is a monthly planner, so they ship a different one to you EVERY month! Inside there are tons of activities, recipes and fun ways to track your goals. (whatever they may be!) The design is beautiful and each month has a new intention. So, for August 2020 it was “affection” and each page reflects a small way to focus on that intention. Beautifully made and creatively designed. The only thing its missing is a pocket perhaps? It would be cool to store some items in your planner, but we are not picky! We loved this item and already starting using it!



Kelly loves using this at home! There are tons of different oils to help with soothing, headaches, rejuvenation and so much more. This product, the Desert Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser provides a customized aromatherapy experience with an elegant Moroccan design that would be so cute in any home. We also love the different light up modes, which change color! It made the studio smell so nice.



Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including but not limited to asthma, cancer, and infertility are on the rise and are due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals. There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don't have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skin care and beauty industry. BEAUTYCOUNTER™ has a mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  Their Never List™ is made up of more than 1,800 questionable or harmful chemicals that BC never uses! Check out this set, or ask our friend Karol for more info! Karol is a clean beauty godness!



Let's face it, no one likes pesky bugs. Gross! This fashionable scarf repels mosquitos, ants, ticks, no see-ums flies and more! It also comes in many colors, so you can match with any outfit. Light enough to wear in the heat but cozy enough for cooloer weather too! This is a great travel accessory and makes a great gift. We highly reccomend packing this easy to carry accessory with you wherever you go! Sold at Peace Frogs Travel Outfitters right here in Charlottesville, VA. 



This NEW summer sandwich from Panera Bread is delish! Roasted turkey raised without antibiotics, applewood-smoked bacon, emerald green lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, avocado, mayo, salt, and pepper? We lik-ey! A huge plus for us was the crunchy sourdough bread! We also tried the "rapid pickup" and we liked the online ordering service. Try it!



NOD Products is a personal fav of ours! This women owned business is the opposite of ordinary! Their new "Dry Deck" cards are durable, waterproof, and include not one, but two decks of playing cards! Also, our favorite part are that the designs are made by local artists around the world! Seriously, check out NOD for unique items and gifts that will never disappoint. We  love NOD and we know you will too!



These leather bracelets are just stunning! They are casual but adorned with the sweetest writing in Laurel's handwriting. We are such huge fans of this company and love that you can order these with custom writing. This is a shop that creates meaningful, handmade jewelry, home goods and accessories meant to encourage, inspire and remind women of what they cherish most in life. Their customer service is incredible and they have a huge range of styles! Our bracelets were so delicately made and we will treasure them forever. Check out their website for sure!



This cupcakery is owned by a 14 year old girl! Josie creates unique flavors in every cupcake she crafts and she piles on a ton of icing, which makes every cupcake a creamy delicious treat! We sampled the Rum Ball and Chocolate Orange and they were both yummy! We loved her flavors which are not overpowering at all! You can order small-batch cupcakes from Josie and she can customize almost anything. The business has taught her a lot about being an entrepreneur, but her aspirations lay in the stars as she hopes to one day be an aerospace engineer. 



We loved this beautiful necklace and loved that the chain was extra long. Such a nice touch and makes it versatile! Kendra designed her first collection with $500 in the spare bedroom of her home just after her oldest son was born. Total rockstar right? We highly recommend checking out her unique designs, which are high quality and come beautifully wrapped.  

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